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Welcome to Frescoes Forever,
a fine art consultancy based in the heart of Europe that specialises in the promotion of contemporary fresco and mural painting. Our aim is to restore and add to the legacy of fresco painting created by the innovative artists and architects of the Italian Renaissance.

In a world of continuous change it’s fascinating to see how works of art endure and continue to be loved through the centuries. Wall painting is one of the oldest painting techniques. Frescoes Forever
promotes the use of contemporary subject themes to maintain and develop the world’s vast heritage of fresco painting. Great art is inspired by great beliefs. Each painting bears witness to our shared history. Frescoes help teach communities the value of painting. They extend our artistic awareness and sensitivities to allow us to record moments of real meaning in our lives. Like all works of art, they become a core part of the legacy we hand down to future generations.

Our mission is to help increase everyone’s access to frescoes in their original settings and create opportunities for new fresco projects inspired by exciting new subjects and socio-political themes. Whether you are opening a new public venue, commemorating a grand occasion, restoring a historical building or simply wanting to enhance a new office, we can arrange a confidential review of your location to consider its suitability for a fresco painting or mural panel. For appropriate projects, Frescoes Forever
will also recommend specialist artists with direct experience of the European heritage of fresco painting. We work primarily with international business and educational institutions to increase awareness and understanding of this brilliant art form and to introduce it to new audiences so that more people can enjoy its genuine quality and beauty.

Increasing environmental pollution and poorer quality art materials mean that not all modern works of art will survive the test of time. A true fresco painting is made to the highest standards of quality and preparation and is designed to maintain its colour and freshness forever. The use of natural, organic pigments mixed with limestone results in clear colours that reflect light in a unique and radiant style that mirrors colourful, modern interiors. Revived interest in the decorative art of hand-painted wallpaper is now extending to a revival of hand-painted wall surfaces that add to the architecture of individual locations. Frescoes can extend the visual boundaries of a range of environments, from corporate headquarters, hotel foyers and banqueting halls, public arts venues, restaurants, sports stadiums, retail malls , porticos, and walled gardens to historic homes.

Mural painting has an increasingly important social role to play in the development and improvement of the world’s urban environments and communities. Inspired architects increasingly collaborate with communities worldwide on socially progressive public projects. Visionary corporations recognise the value of working in partnership with artists and local communities to create large-scale mural projects. Wall painting has an increasingly important social and cultural role to play in the improvement of the world’s urban and rural environments.

Changes in private mural painting will continue to be influenced by modern trends in interior design. The revival of luxury wall decoration has become more visible thanks, in part, to a growing awareness of ancient mural techniques. In the ‘Contemporary’ pages of our site, you can view recent illustrations where these techniques have been applied to great effect in stunning new locations.

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