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The Frescoes Forever consultancy was founded by its current director, Ernestine McKay, who qualified in fresco technique and restoration at the prestigious l’UIA, Università Internazionale dell’Arte, in Florence, Italy. She was taught by the distinguished art historian Carlo L Ragghianti and renowned Professors Umberto Baldini and Antonio Paolucci, who restored the Cimabue and Giotto Crucifixes respectively. She specialised in fresco painting under the tuition of Professor Ornella Casazza, who restored the Brancacci Chapel frescoes in Florence.

Originally a watercolour painter, Ernestine has exhibited her paintings and drawings across Europe. She now promotes fresco and mural artists worldwide and lectures on trends in 20th century mural painting. Since 2005 she has represented an exclusive range of specialist painters and restorers from Europe and the Americas. For more information, please contact Ernestine directly on ernestine@frescoesforever.org.

If you would like to get in touch with us about a possible fresco or mural project, we can arrange an informal consultation to discuss your individual requirements and interests. It’s important when creating a valuable work of art that you take time to talk through the concept and select the most appropriate technique and materials to match your vision and the unique characteristics of each individual location.

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If you are looking at this site outside European office hours or you prefer to write to us, please send an email with details to enquiries@frescoesforever.org.

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