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Sport In The Community

The Pembroke Heritage Murals

Downtown Pembroke in the Upper Ottawa Valley is home to one of Canada’s largest outdoor public mural galleries. Since the first five murals were painted in 1990, Pembroke Heritage Murals has commissioned 29 full-scale murals painted by local and national artists on the walls of its public buildings. The murals vividly depict the rich history of Pembroke and its local neighbourhood, from the first settlers, to the logging era, through to the first newborn child of 2000.

The Mackay Street Arena 1905-1951 (a skating and hockey venue where the Pembroke Scouts used to play) is a commemorative mural that pays tribute to the era and the townspeople of the first half of the twentieth century. The Pembroke Scouts hockey team was owned for decades by William Bogart, [1879-1971] and his son Art, [1912-95]. This painting celebrates the numerous championship teams and superb hockey players Pembroke produced over the years including the legends Frank Nighbor, Hugh Lehman, and Harry Cameron who played there before going on to play for the National Hockey League.

MacKay Street Arena, by Brian Romagnoli, Pembroke, Ottawa, Canada, 2002 (Photo © Brian Romagnoli)

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