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Trompe L'Oeil

Massimo De Carolis

Massimo De Carolis is an Italian mural and fresco painter based in the town of Modena. He is widely known for his delicate style of interior decoration that combines functionality with distinctive landscape painting to create brightly-coloured, playful interior spaces in both residential and commercial venues. De Carolis also specialises in the restoration of mural decoration in the true fresco style, which he enhances with high-quality contemporary wall finishes and coatings.

De Carolis continues to develop his individual style through other techniques including trompe-l’oeil (to fool the eye) paintings on oil, wooden panels and walls to create a sense of light and space in a wide selection of locations from residential villa, public offices, hotels and country chapels to a number of restaurants in the region of Emilia Romagna, one of Italy’s principal culinary centres. His work is deeply rooted in the traditional artistic craftsmanship so typical of Italy and he has established a strong reputation within his regional community. De Carolis recently created a series of contemporary wall designs for an agricultural cooperative that produces Modena’s celebrated balsamic vinegar.

LEFT: Hotel interior, Italy, 2000 (Photo © Massimo De Carolis)

RIGHT: Retail reception, Italy, 2001 (Photo © Massimo De Carolis)

Trompe l’Oeil Festival

The international trompe l’oeil painting competition, known popularly by the visiting artists as ‘the Festival’, is held each year in Italy during the month of May. The event, which was founded in 2001, showcases the work of trompe l’oeil artists from all over the world. Painters of all ages flock to the artists’ studio especially created in the medieval and Renaissance square in the town of Lodi, in the northern Lombardy region. For artists it provides a superb opportunity to network with peers from countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Some of the painters have since collaborated together on commissions following their participation in the Festival. For art-lovers, collectors and passing tourists, this unique event allows them to admire new work painted on site and to meet and talk with the artists over a three-day period as they participate in the competition. For details of this year’s event, please visit the Festival site: www.trompeloeilfestival.com

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